Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kick and Roll

The babies are getting stronger. Here's a great kick and a roll that I caught on video today. I emailed it to Carly and Ben.


Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm lovin' it

Carly's school offered to sell the teachers their laptops at the end of this school year. They're IBM Thinkpads, pentium III. They were selling them for $120 each. Carly bought hers. The teachers that didn't want theirs had to turn them in, and the school put them up for sale, same price, and the rest of the faculty could purchase them- limit of two. Carly bought me one for my birthday!

Our OB had asked me at our last visit to start spending more down time, as much bed and couch rest-feet up as possible. No reason, just that it's time to start slowing down as a precautionary measure. I asked him about being on the computer, and he said as long as I had a laptop, and was laying down he had no problem with it. He wants weight and pressure off of the cervix I guess. He just doesn't consider sitting at a regular computer for hours at a time as down time. Oops. I do a lot of that.

So, when the computers went up for sale this week Carly grabbed me one.
She brought it over last night, and we had a good visit. This was the first time she's come for a visit. She left her house at 9pm, and got here by 10. That was ok with me, as we both had things going on earlier in the evening. Allen sat and visited with us, and Carly didn't want to go home. I know she enjoyed herself because she stayed until 1:45am! Thank god I had a nap yesterday afternoon.

Today Allen brought everything home from work to set me up wireless.
Right now I'm laying in my bed. This totally rocks. Now If I could get someone to pack me a cooler with food and drinks, and I had a bed pan...


I got woke up at 8am with a call from my OB. I failed the 3 hour gestational diabetes test. Dammit!
I asked him if i had flunked it by a lot, and he said no. He's sending me to the hospital for a class with a GD nurse, and he said that I should be able to control it by diet, and 4x daily finger picks. Hope so.
I do know from the lady that took my blood for the test, that my fasting sugar was 88 that morning. She told me after she picked my finger. But I guess I must have failed the 1,2 and 3 hour draws.
My OB is actually surprised that I failed both of my screenings for GD,( the 1hr he did and the 3 hour at the lab) He keeps apologizing and saying that he really didn't think I'd have it, and that the two babies and their placentas are what is causing me to have trouble. Gah.
Oh well, only 10-12 weeks to go!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Really Quick

1) I'll be 26 weeks this Thursday!

2) Had our 25 week check up last week, measuring 30 weeks, no protein in urine, BP perfect, 2lb weight gain (for a total of 10 lbs so far), took the gestational diabetes 1 hr test.

3) Dr's office called 2 days later. I failed the 1 hour GD test. Dammit. I've never flunked one of those before. Going for the dreaded 3 hr test this Wed.

4) Had my 33rd birthday last Tuesday. Ugh.