Monday, May 11, 2009

The Final Post

So much has happened since that last post. I decided to do one more surrogacy. I matched with a new couple. We did a fresh cycle in March/April of 2008. We transferred one embryo. It didn't work.

We did cycle #2, a FET in May/June. Transferred 2 frozen embryos. I got pregnant! I was moving right along, betas doubling perfectly. We had an embryo measuring perfectly at 5 weeks 5 days gestation! My couple was elated! The next day I woke up to my pajamas saturated in blood. My bed soaked in blood. Went for an emergency ultrasound to see what was going on. No embryo to be seen. Continued to bleed and miscarried over the next week. I will omit the heartbreaking and somewhat gory details.

We cycled again in August/September '08. Transferred 2 frozen again. It didn't work.

My couple decided to move on, and get a new surrogate. I was heartbroken.

After a few months, January of this year( 2009 ) my husband and I talked. He wants me back. He wants my body back. He admitted that although he has 100% supported my surrogacy journies, he wants me to be done with that chapter in my life. He sees the emotional and physical toll this has ultimately taken on my emotions, and my body. It was VERY hard to accept. But I realize that he is right.

Final numbers. 4 years. 7 IVF cycles. 1 twin pregnancy. 1 singleton pregnancy. 3 healthy gorgeous babies. 2 completed families. 2 sets of overjoyed and elated couples.
Pretty damn good. :)

I went to school from May 2007-June 2008 to become a licensed Massage Therapist. ( while carrying the last little boy for my IPs)
I graduated in June of 2008.
Since then I have been in my field and loving it. I am a full time Massage Therapist at a large hospital. I take care of rehabilitational patients.
Spinal patients, hip and knee replacemnt patients. I take care of the Drs and Nurses through the hospital's employee wellness program.

Now it's time to take care of me. I have many extra pounds to get rid of. On to that chapter of my life. I will conquer it too.

Thanks for reading and following my surrogacy journeys. Infertility is a bitch, but I gave her a good run for her money. I'm proud to have beaten her twice.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I went to my IPs house in Chicago on Monday September 24th. At 9am on Thursday September 27th my water broke. At 12:53 Baby Boy was delivered by planned c-section. He was 7lbs 7oz, perfectly healthy and perfectly gorgeous. His parents are overjoyed. He went home with his Mom and Dad just 48 hours after birth. I convinced the OB to realease me after 48hrs, and I came home on Saturday also. I'm resting and recouperating.
Once again, it was an amazing and fulfilling experience.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Never went

Well, we never went to Chicago. (yes that's the big city my IPs live in)
The OB cancelled a few days before. I guess she had some important function to speak at. Well la de da. Good for her. I won't meet her until delivery now. Whatever. I don't care who does the c-section, they just better do a good job.

34 weeks today!

Friday, July 20, 2007

28 weeks

We're 28 weeks today!

Except for the fact that I found out today that I have gestational diabetes AGAIN, everything is going smoothly. My GD will be diet controlled, as it's not high enough to warrant insulin. So, that's good.

My relationship with these IPs is very different from last time. We really don't talk much at all! I email them a couple of times a week, and they email even less. Probably once a week. We only talk on the phone about once every two weeks.
It's strange, because they are very nice and we get along really well. It just seems that for all of us involved, our lives are busy, and we just call/contact each other when needed. It's hard to explain, but it works for us.

Allen and I are travelling to Big City where the IPs live in two weeks. We'll stay with them from Thursday night until Sunday. On that Friday we have an appointment for me to meet their OB for the first time. We'll get our c-section date then.
I know that they're very excited to see us, and they've offered to get us tickets to go to Second City and other assorted venues. Allen and I just want to visit with them and take it easy.

I think that's about it. I'll try to do better with the updating!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Well Hello

We're at 21 weeks today. Everything is going well. I really like this set of IPs. They are so different than Carly and Ben.

Speaking of which, Carly sent me pictures of the twins from Easter, and some from last month. They are getting so big! And they're so cute. They're 9 months old today!

Also, for the person who asked in the comments, I re-established my archives just for you! I hope you get something worthwhile out of reading them. Surrogacy is truly an amazing experience. If it wasn't such a toll on the body, I would do it again.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Surrogacy #2

It worked.

I am currently pregnant for my most recent couple.
We transferred 2 3 dayers on Jan 22nd.
By 6dp3dt i had faint positive tests.
On day 7, I got a Clearblue Easy to read pregnant.
We had our ultrasound on Monday(6weeks 3 days)and we saw one embryo, measuring on target with a heart rate of 125bpm.
The couple is elated.
So am I.

I just wanted to update the few of my past readers that were still checking in.

Monday, November 20, 2006

'Tis the skating season

Have I mentioned that my daughter figure skates? Here is her dress for this season's competitions. We had it custom made. I just love it.

They're hard to see, but there are hundreds of sparkly crystals throughout the front and back of the dress, and on the straps. The flowers are all hand painted.