Friday, February 17, 2006


The ultrasound revealed 2 beautiful babies, both with hearts just beating away.

Everyone here is over the moon.

More soon.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Todays beta number = 15,385. (20dp5dt)

Perfectly doubling every 48 hours since our first beta of 58.1 at 6dp5dt.

Our ultrasound is scheduled for this Friday morning.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


We're just waiting for Monday to check my levels again, and waiting for next Friday for the ultrasound.

Carly calls me everyday to see how I'm feeling and see how things are going.

Ben is worried that it may be triplets, Carly has told him that "whatever we're blessed with, we're keeping."
I, of course am scared silly that it's trips, but in my contract I said I'd carry them, and I will. But obviousy I'm hoping for twins or a singleton.

The only symptoms I've been having are headaches and tiredness.
I feel the occasional small twinge or tug around my uterus/left side.

Other than that, there's nothing going on. And that's a good thing.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Twins? Triplets?


Progesterone- 38
Estrogen- 982
HCG- 1,271

Will do another levels check next Monday. (13th)
Ultrasound to be scheduled for next Thursday or Friday.

Going to lay down now. So tired today.

Friday, February 03, 2006


As for Carly. Well.

I had been taking pictures since we decided to meet in October. I had been secretly making a video hoping to have a positive pregnancy test to add at the end as a way to surprise them.
Obviously I was able to complete it, and I sent it to her on Monday afternoon.
I was going to make it into a movie for the DVD player and then drive to her house and put it in between the doors for when she got home after work, with instructions for her and Ben to watch it together...but I found out at the last minute that we didn't have any of the right discs left! AGH! And no time to buy them, burn it and drive to her house before she got home.
So, my husband put it up on a website and I called her after she got in from work, and I asked her if Ben was there too. She said yes. I told her that I had made them something and that I wanted to email it to them. She had no idea what was coming.
Ben was on the computer at the time (he works from home), so it was perfect. I reminded her that I made it for both of them so to make sure he watched it with her.
I ran downstairs and emailed it. Then I hung up.

Remember she didn't know that I was testing...

Well, my phone rang about 15 minutes later. Carly was practically screaming.
Her voice was so high, it was cutting out on her. She sais "DEE! Are you SERIOUS? Are you SERIOUS? You're KIDDING ME! Are you kidding me?"
I laughed and yelled right back at her. "YES I'M SERIOUS!" and "NO, I'm NOT kidding! It's positive!"
She was like a crazy woman, repeating herself over and over. It ranged from "I can't believe it!", to "I KNEW you were pregnant! I just KNEW IT!"
I asked her at what point in the video she knew what was happening. I asked her if it was when the stork flew by and it said "Are you ready?"
She said " No, it was right before that, when I saw the picture of all those tests! I said to Ben , "She can't be doing that!", and then I realized that "I" had taken the trigger shot...."
She went on to say that she was SO relieved and happy that I kind of tricked her and didn't tell her that I was testing. She said that she was SO GLAD that I was secretly testing, that she was so relieved not to have to worry until our beta (at that time, still a week away.)

Then I hit her with the even better news. I said "And it gets better. When I went for the bloodwork today to check my levels, I had them run a beta, since I had the positive tests. Nurse D just called me, the beta is really good, and we're definitely pregnant! They bumped me up to this Friday for a repeat."

She was so ecstatic, she started crying. She told me that she kissed Ben about 20 times when they figured out what was going on. He is very very happy too. She said that he said that he is so glad that I'm carrying for them this time, that they can just enjoy this pregnancy now.

Yesterday Carly told me how much she is already enjoying this pregnancy. That she is so relieved, and so much stress is off of her. She said "You have no idea of my mental state, what it was like" (talking about losing 6 babies during 5 seperate pregnancies, and how stressful and nerve wracking it was)

She told me that she thinks of me like a sister. She told me she loved me.

As for our beta numbers. I had the repeat beta drawn this morning. At 3pm Nurse D called me and told me that our beta on Monday was 58.1. (6dp5dt) Today it was at 283. (10dp5dt)
Doubling perfectly.
Going back Monday to get all levels checked again.
Ultrasound will be scheduled for 2 weeks. (around Feb 20th)

Thank you so very much to those who de-lurked with their congratulations. It feels so wonderful.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006