Friday, July 20, 2007

28 weeks

We're 28 weeks today!

Except for the fact that I found out today that I have gestational diabetes AGAIN, everything is going smoothly. My GD will be diet controlled, as it's not high enough to warrant insulin. So, that's good.

My relationship with these IPs is very different from last time. We really don't talk much at all! I email them a couple of times a week, and they email even less. Probably once a week. We only talk on the phone about once every two weeks.
It's strange, because they are very nice and we get along really well. It just seems that for all of us involved, our lives are busy, and we just call/contact each other when needed. It's hard to explain, but it works for us.

Allen and I are travelling to Big City where the IPs live in two weeks. We'll stay with them from Thursday night until Sunday. On that Friday we have an appointment for me to meet their OB for the first time. We'll get our c-section date then.
I know that they're very excited to see us, and they've offered to get us tickets to go to Second City and other assorted venues. Allen and I just want to visit with them and take it easy.

I think that's about it. I'll try to do better with the updating!


Lisabeth said...

Yeeeah! Glad to see an update from you. Sorry to hear that you have GD again, but very happy to read that you can control it with diet. Look forward to hearing more updates from you!!

Jessica said...

So happy to see an update and hear that everything is going good. I know what a pain the GD diet can be...sorry you have it again! :( But, that is great you can control it! Wow...28 weeks...flying on by now!

Aileara said...

Thrilled to see an update. Really sorry about the GD again, but hang in there with the diet and you'll do fine. The time is going so fast - well, maybe not for you. Love your update posts - keep em coming.

Erin said...

Glad to see you updating, and even happier that it's such a good update! It sounds like everything's going perfectly.

JennyK said...

So good to hear how everything is going!

Sorry about the GD, but happy that it's under control with the diet. I hated it, but the nice side effect of not gaining TOO much weight was kind of nice.

I can't believe you're so far along already.

Elle said...

Oh Wow! You updated! Sweet! I can't believe that you are so far along and bummer about the GD. Hope you update again soon!!!